We’ll Leave Developing Real Estate to You…You Leave Developing Sales Teams to Us


Building a successful sales team can be a daunting task and while there are many sales organizations that specialize in hiring and training sales agents for new construction, you don’t receive the personalized attention that Beyond The Bluprint offers. In some cases, larger building companies have internal sales managers that are responsible for these activities, yet they fall short of this task while being sidetracked by other tasks. How can Beyond The Bluprint help you through the jungles of training and coaching?

We have witnessed many different approaches to hiring and training sales teams, most of these only work when a process is implemented, adhered to, and there is continuous management and accountability. Homebuilders spend thousands of dollars looking to find the right sales manager, coach or mentor to support the sales team…so why are these teams failing to meet your expectations and produce revenue?

Here at Beyond The Bluprint, we take a hands-on approach by working with your organization’s managers and listening to your needs and expectations to build you a successful sales team. Not only do we provide dedicated services to assist you and your manager in finding successful sales agents, but we also go one step further and will train them and remain an integral part of your coaching team – evolving with the changing needs of your project for the duration. The benefit to you and your team is the ongoing support you receive as your sales agents mature and produce revenues for you and for them.

Coaching sales people is one of the most difficult parts of homebuilding and we hear from all levels of management that they simply cannot find QUALITY sales people. As a result, in desperation for a new hire, builders have resorted to hiring a sales person that has been let go from multiple other companies. Beyond The Bluprint takes the utmost care in thoroughly vetting through the cesspool of sales people so we can bring you only the most talented agents and as a result, increase your revenue.

Let us help you start your new development project off with only the best by calling us today!