We Should Chat…

Do you know what is really happening at your sales office? Is your sales manager too busy to manage sales people because they are managing tasks? Here is just one of many surprisingly common experiences we have had while shopping sales offices throughout the country.

We arrived at 11am to the sales office where the hours were clearly posted on the door – ‘Model Open daily from 10-5.’  However, the doors were locked and no one was there. We returned later in the afternoon of the same day, and as we entered the model, the sales agent was busy assisting another prospect.  Without an acknowledgment we waited for approximately 30 minutes – not a ‘Hello,’ or even a ‘Thank you for being so patient, I’ll be with you soon. We continued walking through the model. Once the prospect left, the sales agent went directly into her office and did not come back out. At that point, we collected our brochure from the usual hiding space in the pantry and left.  While sitting in our car discussing the model and reviewing the brochure, we saw our GHOST sales agent peek out the window to ensure that we were gone.

Did that really just happen to your 1.9 million dollar investment?

I know it’s easy to come up with excuses for situations such as this, and we have heard them all: “Oh, that was just a temp,” or, “You probably weren’t the right buyer profile,” and last but not least, “The agent knew they were being shopped.”

In all reality, regardless of the situation, that should never have happened to a prospective buyer…but it did.  Now that you are aware, what do you do?

In this competitive environment, don’t let money walk out the door – the time is now to let Beyond The Bluprint help you strategize and provide the necessary training to be as profitable as you should be.

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