Builders Of Houses Are Also Builders of Tools, Networks, Groups and Processes

One piece of the puzzle is just not enough. Builders today must be able to put the entire puzzle together, not only build a house, but build a network of trades and vendors, which also include tech specific solution providers. While there are some systems that do much of what a builder needs, another point solution must sometimes be added in to the mix. Another example is when the tech solution itself requires a different outside source to create content, for the tech tool. Take Armadillo Homes in San Antonio and Laredo as a quick example – they were not seeing the sales volume they wanted. When they started an analysis, it wasn’t just the standard, ‘we need more leads’ response they expected. They found that they were not really great at responding to the leads, in a way that made those leads, respond back to them. Like any builder, they could go get a system to track, manage, and more importantly, nurture leads, both with a CRM system and Marketing Automation. But what do you send a prospect anyway if you want to maximize the response? In their case, it was provocative first rate creative collateral. With a little trial and error and some analytics from the CRM system, Smart Touch International, they were able to get a CRM system, get data and results metrics but also quality creative content for drip campaigns to get leads not only in the door, but managed, responded to (many times with automation), nurtured and closed. Some builders have to use multiple vendors to do that. Some can find all of that in one vendor.

The puzzle pieces change from builder to builder. Some have a great CRM system, but the cart is before the horse. If you don’t get people to click through and give you their information, what good is a great CRM? For Brohn Homes in Austin, they went back to the fundamentals. Their review found they needed to improve on the technical functionality of their website, and the user interface, to make leads more likely to convert to prospects. That involved working with a web development company that was not just creative, but understood the psychographics behind this specific industry, how consumers react, and where they could strategically place media buys, print advertising, new digital assets and tie all that back in to a qualified ROI using data analytics. Some builders choose to find vendors, while others choose to leverage a single comprehensive vendor that can tie it all together.

If you are doing a puzzle and one person does all the blue pieces and another does all the border pieces, at some point, some of the pieces might be with the wrong party and the project gets stalled. For the very same reasons consumers do not engage two builders to build their house simultaneously, builders should look for a solution provide that puts all the pieces together. That way, they can focus on the house, not how many pieces are in the puzzle.

Erik Cofield, VP of Sales is with TopBuilder Solutions which provides a construction industry specific CRM system with lead management, marketing automation, branded email marketing and a branded industry newsletter all in one easy to use web based software system with no contracts, training or termination fees, and with features no other CRM on the market has. He can be reached at


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