A Brief on Online Mystery Shopping, Leads Stopping, and Floors Popping

If you haven’t considered a Mystery Shop of your online lead follow up system (both human and electronic), you should. You may cringe at the results, but considering your investment in generating those leads, you need to know what really happens to them. What if you have leads coming in and nobody is responding to them? Wouldn’t you be upset? It may surprise you to know that not only does it happen, it happens at some of America’s largest builders.

Even if your leads are getting a response of some kind, you need to assess the quality of that response. Often an unprofessional response is worse than no response at all. If this is the first contact a lead has with your company, what kind of image are you projecting?

Online Mystery Shopping helps you ensure that customers have a quality online experience with your company. It allows you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, effectively train your associates, raise the bar on your communication skills, and increase sales. It should never be used to single out a sales associate, which is why it’s so important to do a full market area shop.

There are companies that specialize in online Mystery Shopping, such as LM Marketing Online (www.lmmarketingonline.com) located in Houston, who works nationwide with builders of all sizes. The cost to obtain a comprehensive report, across all your divisions and communities, is well worth it. This also applies to custom builders, remodelers, and trade partners – anyone who has a lead generation system that includes a “Contact Us” page on their website.

The cost for an online Mystery Shop report is generally per community, so it will vary according to your size, and you should always ask about volume discounts. The minimum you should receive in the report is an Executive Summary (including response rates and times), a complete transcript of all correspondence, an individual response analysis, and a copy of all materials sent either via email or U.S. mail. The report could also include suggestions for improvement, and recommended implementation of Best Practices.

In today’s challenging market, it doesn’t make sense to invest thousands of dollars in a website to promote your company, pay listing services such as Move.com, New Home Source and others, generate sales leads, and then essentially throw them away. Remember, customers shopping online are building a short list, and you want to be on it. Some buyers buy via a process of elimination.

If most builders were absolutely great at managing leads, life would be different, but it’s not. Not knowing how your company name is being represented, or how leads are truly being managed, is a false economy. Don’t get eliminated.


Erik Cofield, VP of Sales is with TopBuilder Solutions which provides a construction industry specific CRM system with lead management, marketing automation, branded email marketing and a branded industry newsletter all in one easy to use web based software system with no contracts, training or termination fees, and with features no other CRM on the market has. He can be reached at erikc@topbuildersolutions.com.


Reposted via TopBuilder Solutions.